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On April 4, 2012
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AffairsClub is a fantastic cheating website. Part of our top 3 best dating sites for cheaters. No scams here!

When you first visit Affairs Club, you’ll immediately notice a smoking hot blonde on the home page. Chances are, you’ll fantasize about banging her. We can’t blame you. We share the fantasy. But here’s the thing – she’d be maybe an “8” at best compared to many of the actual members on this cheating site. Don’t believe us? Check out the site and see for yourself!

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Affairs Club Advantages & Differentiators

Affairs Club is a bit like The biggest difference is there are fewer members and a higher percentage of married men and women. The advantage of this site is the amount of extremely attractive women. It’s hard to find a site with as high of a percentage of hotties as this site has. In fact, we doubt there is one. We can’t give this site quite as high of an overall rating as, but we do recommend signing up for both.

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These sites are exceptional cheating sites. If you’re signed up for both and active on them, there’s no way you’re not going to get laid unless you have absolutely no game. The main benefit to signing up for Affairs Club is the amount of cute chicks. If you don’t get a boner just from searching through the member directory – you’re gay.

Affairs Club Dating Features Review

Another comparison to is the amount of useful site features paid members are offered. Here’s a list of our 3 favorites:

Live Chat Rooms

You may or may not get laid by someone you met in a chat room. But they’re a heck of a lot of fun. If you just feel like talking dirty to some hot skank, this is the place to be! And then there’s always that small possibility you might turn that dirty conversation into an offline sexual encounter. You never know!

Thousands of Members Online Consistently

What’s more irritating than signing up for a dating site, only to find out hardly anyone is ever online when you are? Other than your wife, probably nothing. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, there are always plenty of members online waiting to chat you a big, handsome stud muffin like yourself.

Leave Sexy Voice Messages for Women

Definitely make sure you take advantage of this awesome feature. Your chances of getting laid will significantly increase. You can leave a voice message for a hottie that you’re interested in. Make sure it’s sexy, funny, and mature.

Affairs Club Members Review

Affairs Club is a diverse cheating site. They’ve acquired more than 4 million new members in the past 4 years. There is nearly a 65%/35% male to female ratio, which is average for this type of site. Women of all ages sign-up for Affairs Club (over 18, of course).

Affairs Club Review – Who Affairs Club Is For

This cheating site is intended for married people, but non-married types also sign-up. This site is best for men over the age of 25, and maybe even 30. The women on here are generally looking for an older, married man. The fantasy of hooking up with a younger guy isn’t ideal to most women just wanting to get laid.

Affairs Club Membership Pricing Review

Pricing is broken down as follows:

• 1 month $29.95 (Silver Membership)
• 1 month $34.95 (Gold Membership)
• 3 months $59.95 (Silver Membership)
• 3 months $69.95 (Gold Membership)

What NOT To Do On Affairs Club

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making on Affairs Club

1. Posting photos of your junk on your profile. Keep it in your pants until she asks for it.
2. Taking the site too seriously. It’s a hookup site. Don’t let it control your life like some people do.
3. Not being patient enough. There are a ton of women on here, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get laid 5 minutes after signing up. Have a little patience.

Affairs Club Specific Advice For Success

Be regularly active on Affairs Club. There’s always tons of women online, so you have no excuse for going M.I.A. But understand that patience is a virtue with this cheating site. Unless you get lucky (no pun intended), you’re not going to get laid right away. You need to spend time signing up, filling out a great profile, searching for women to contact, and then charming them via Instant Message/text/email.

Affairs Club Services & Support

To learn more about Affairs Club and their necessary privacy policies, checkout the following link:

Affairs Club Privacy Policy

Affairs Club Review – Conclusion

When you’re trying to hookup with other married people, you have to realize that they may not always be available. This is exactly why we stress the importance of being patient on Affairs Club. Give it a little time – you’ll find someone soon. Just don’t expect it to be right away. This is a great hookup site, and most of the active men get laid.