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$49 for 100 credits (up to $249 for 1000 credits)

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On January 4, 2012
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AshleyMadison is a great site. These gusy are for real. No scams - just the real deal. has taken the extramarital affair dating site industry by storm. They’ve quickly formed into arguably the best place (online or offline) to hookup with attractive women that dig married men. The site has grown in popularity so much in the past couple of years that they even attempted to create a Super Bowl television ad. It’s unfortunate the highly offended television executives stepped in because it would have been interesting to see.

ashleymadison is an approved cheater dating site

As far as how great the site is, you’ll find by searching the web there are many success stories from encounters on this site. Our success on is no different. It’s a top-notch hookup site that allows married men an opportunity to have an extramarital affair with attractive women. It’s not like most hookup sites, however. When we say you have an “opportunity”, we don’t mean you have a 1 in 100 chance. You have a legitimate shot, if you play your cards right, to get laid.

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AshleyMadison is an APPROVED & RECOMMENDED Cheating Site! Advantages & Differentiators

The biggest advantage to is the realistic shot of hooking up with a hottie. We have yet to find any dating site that can match this one in terms of number of attractive women. The reason you have a realistic shot of getting laid is because there are so many women that are active on the site. Unlike other similar sites (i.e., women here are actively seeking a partner, not just “tire kicking”.

Another great advantage is for the guys out there that aren’t complete morons. Checkout the profiles of most of the men on this site – they’re mostly total douchebags that women would have no interest in. That’s good news for you. It’s easy to standout as a worthy sex partner on Dating Features Review

The benefit of signing up for a popular cheating site such as is the amount of features the site provides. We’re confident you won’t find a cheating site that’s more equipped to help you get laid. Let’s take a look at the 3 most beneficial features offers:

Instant Messaging

There is no better way to chat with women you’re attracted to than via Instant Messenger.’s IM feature is easy to use. Once you log-in – assuming you’re a paid member – you’ll have the opportunity to immediately begin chatting with your contacts. Upon signing in, you will see a list of members that are also logged in. As long as they’re also online, you’re free to contact them.

Just remember to work your game when IM’ing women on The attractive women on this site receive an insane amount of IM’s everyday. Be creative and original in your chat. Humor her and keep her interested so that she starts ignoring the other guys and focuses specifically on you.

Free Winks

In the event that you’re a cheap bastard, yet still wish to get laid (good luck with that), you can send out free “Winks” to women. A “Wink” is simply a good way to let a girl know you think she’s cute. If she digs your profile, maybe she’ll send you a message. This is also a cool feature for those that wish to try out the site for free before deciding it’s right for them. However, we’re confident you’re going to love and will be more than willing to pony up the cash for a full membership.

Private Showcase Photos

You may wish to only post a couple of “respectable” photos of yourself on your profile. But maybe you’ve been hankering to show women you’ve already gotten to know a picture of your footlong dong. On, you can create a separate set of pictures that are only accessible by women you select to view them. All you have to do is provide them with a “Key” to view the photos. This is arguably their best feature. Members Review

There are nearly 6 million members on, and that number will only continue to rise. The site continues to become more and more popular because of their excellent marketing tactics. There is a disproportionate number of men to women (about 70/30), and that number would normally turn us off of the site. Not here, however. Most of the men are unappealing, rarely active, and have no idea how to attract women. Your competition for tons of hotties is nothing to worry about as long as you know your stuff. Review – Who Is For is an extramarital affair site for anyone that wants to cheat on their spouse or have sex with someone that wants to cheat on their spouse. About half of the women on the site are married, while the other half have a fantasy for banging a married dude.

There are a decent amount of under 21’s on this site, but the bulk of the women are over 30. Some of the women are very successful. They live boring lives and want to change that, which is why they turn to to spice up their life. As for the men, they’re mostly a bunch of clowns. So you can take advantage of that. Membership Pricing Review

You can sign-up for free and test out the site first. As a Guest Member, you are able to search for members, create a profile, receive winks, and send and upload photos. For those of you that are actually serious about getting laid and are tired of sitting around jerking off because your wife won’t put out, purchase one of these plans:

• $49 for 100 credits (Introductory Package)
• $149 for 500 credits (Elite Status)
• $259 for 1000 credits (Affair Guarantee Package)

What NOT To Do On

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making on

1. Don’t be a disgusting pervert. We know how tempting it can be, especially after you see some of the sexy photos the women are posting. But they’re looking for a sex partner that also has a decent personality. All the other guys are disgusting perverts. Be the one that is not.
2. Don’t worry about your wife catching you. This site is very secure and, as long as you delete your web browser history, she won’t even know you’ve been visiting the site. The women on understand your need for privacy also.
3. Keep those pics of your junk private. If you just can’t help yourself from showing a woman the Family Jewels, send her a Key to view your Private Showcase Photos. Specific Advice For Success

It’s so easy to get laid by a hottie on Really, it’s all up to you. If you’re willing to spend the money and put in the effort, there’s no way you don’t get laid. Create a killer profile, which includes a nice photo of yourself. It doesn’t have to be a GQ photo. Just something attractive. Contact as many women as possible and be original when you chat. Cheesy pickup lines and non-stop perverted comments are exactly what she expects from you. Surprise her by charming her. She’ll think you’re different from the other guys, and she’ll like that you are. Services & Support

Here is a list of links that will help you better learn the site and how to get laid on Frequently Asked Questions Advice Blog Privacy Statement Review – Conclusion

There’s a reason so many married men turn to to get laid. First off – the layout of the site is very professional. It’s easy to navigate through the site and search for women. On top of that, you’ll notice a plethora of women that are regularly active and willing to chat.

We can’t guarantee you will get laid on You might not. But if you don’t, that’s not our fault. Those that have taken our advice and put in the effort to get laid always do.

AshleyMadison Commercials

AshleyMadison has pushed out several commercials, some of which were banned from airing. Here’s a list of a few of those AshleyMadison commercials:

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