Essential Cheating Tips & Advice: The Cheater’s Strategy Guide

So you think you’re ready to have an affair? You may think you are, but I’m going to tell you you probably aren’t, just yet. But are you prepared to avoid being caught by your spouse? You might think you are but, as you will learn from our cheating guide, it’s much easier said than done. Don’t kid yourself – cheating and getting away with it is very difficult. Spouse’s love to snoop and follow you around more than you think. Plus, they are keen to picking up on your body language and emotional signs that may indicate you’ve been cheating.

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If you're not careful this might end up being you ... We know you don't like to read in the age of youtube. But you ***REALLY*** should take the time to read what's below.

Surefire Ways To Avoid Getting Caught Cheating
This section discusses the most common mistakes men make when having an affair. By far the most important article on this whole site!
The Optimal Way To Cheat: Cheating Strategy 101
Should you be trying to score in bars? At work? Nah. There’s an easier way, and you can find out what that is by reading this article. It covers the simplest, safest and easiest way to have an affair.
How To Have An Affair: The Cheating Process Summarized
A summary of the steps you’ll need to take to have an affair. If you can’t read the whole guide for lack of time, you should definitely at a minimum read this summary!
STEP #1: Always Use Multiple Dating Sites
Attracting women online is a lot like marketing a business.
STEP #2: Creating a Profile that Attracts Women
Building an online dating profile that attracts women requires some creativity and originality.
STEP #3: Detecting the Hot Women Online That Are D.T.F.
I know it seems completely ridiculous, but not all women on hookup sites are actually willing to put out.
STEP #4: Being Highly Active on Cheating Sites
Getting laid by a hottie online requires some effort.
STEP #5: Getting Her Hooked on You Immediately
I hate gay clichés, but I’m going to contradict myself here and say that you only get one chance to make a first impression.
STEP #6: Emailing Potential Sex Partners – Getting Her to Open Up to You
The number one key to getting a woman to open up to you is to flirt with her. Flirting is an art you hopefully learned as a teenager.
STEP #7: Asking for Her Digits and IM
You’ve taken a big step towards getting laid by successfully emailing a hottie and getting a response back.
STEP #8: Setting Up a Date and Getting Laid
Once you’ve accomplished the enviable task of attracting a woman online, you need to seal the deal.

Cheater’s Guide to Help You Avoid Divorce

Perhaps you have children and divorce would be the worst thing to happen to your family. But on the other side of the coin, your sex life sucks. So you’re stuck in a rut. You can either cheat on your spouse and risk ruining the marriage or continue doing what you’re doing without being satisfied sexually. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Our belief is you can get yourself out of that tough situation and live a happy life. You can keep the marriage in tact AND have a great sex life. That’s what our Guide to Cheating on Your Spouse was created for. We don’t want you to ruin your marriage, and we don’t think getting a divorce is always the right solution. Sometimes have a little harmless fun on the side is what you need.

In our cheating guide, there are numerous cheating strategies that are tried and true. Plain and simple – they work. They keep both men and women satisfied (the guide can be helpful to both genders) in the bedroom and marriages going. They also help you avoid getting caught.

Optimal Cheating Strategies for Finding Partners

Where and who you have an affair with is crucial to having a pleasant sex life and not getting caught. You need to make it clear BEFORE you have sex that nothing emotional will come of the experience. You are simply getting together to satisfy each other sexually – nothing more.

Men (and women) constantly make the mistake of having an affair with an emotionally attached partner. You can forget about your spouse not finding out if you sleep with this type of person. They’ll eventually want more than sex from you, and when they don’t get it, they’re going to call your spouse up and spill the beans.

Where you meet women is important as well. If you’re trying to sleep with friends of your wife, you’re going to get caught. You need a place (*cough* the Internet *cough*) where you can discreetly meet sexual partners that are comfortable getting nothing out of you besides sex. Even on cheating websites, you still run the risk of being caught if you aren’t careful. We’re going to teach you how to ensure she doesn’t ever find out you’ve signed up for a dating site and how to get away with it completely.

We are so confident in the tactics for cheaters we teach that we GUARANTEE there’s a 90% (or more) chance, if you don’t follow them, you WILL get caught.