How to Avoid Getting Caught Cheating: Don’t Make These Basic Mistakes!

Read this guide so you don't get caught cheating.

Finding someone to have sex with really isn’t that difficult. I know some pretty nerdy dudes that have pulled in some serious tail. The difficult part of cheating is getting away with it. Women can’t help themselves. They don’t trust anyone. Even though they might tell you they trust you, they don’t. Every move you make, they’re paying attention. Every penny you spend, they know about it. So you have to be incredibly cautious to avoid her from finding out about your secret life.

4 Most Common Mistakes Cheaters Make

  1. Failing to hide their browser history (sites you visit online) and passwords on the family computers.
  2. Careless use of text messaging and phone call logs.
  3. Paying for a hotel, online dating site, and other activities with a shared credit card or shared bank card.
  4. Forgetting to delete IM logs.

The main reason men make these mistakes is carelessness. They think they’re invincible and don’t realize just how much their wife is paying attention to what they do. I can teach you how to find a sex partner, but if you don’t know how to avoid making the above mistakes, you may as well just tell your wife you’ve been having an affair.

How to Avoid Making Careless Mistakes

If you’re generally a careless individual, it’s time you change your habits. Attention to detail is the #1 key to cheating and getting away with it. You must have a solid system for cheating. That system should be strategically planned out and executed completely. Don’t even bother trying to meet women until you’re 100% certain you’re prepared. And read these tips on how to avoid making common mistakes men make.

Web Browser History

I figured this part was common sense, so I never even brought it up. That was until I had quite a few guys emailing me to tell me they were caught by their spouse because they failed to hide their online moves. So this is your fair warning. It really doesn’t matter if the computer is a shared computer or your own computer, you need to USE PRIVATE BROWSING if you’re dating off of cheating websites so your wife doesn’t find out what naughty websites you’ve been visiting.

I’m going to stop you before you say, “my wife has never touched my laptop”. She might someday. What happens if you’re careless and completely forget about the sites you’ve been visiting and allow her to use it? She might type in a website and see a site suggestion for one of the adult sites you’ve been visiting. She will immediately begin to question why you’ve been visiting that site. Cover all of your tracks.

Get in the habit of USING PRIVATE BROWSING every time you do anything online related to having an affair. Using “Privacy Mode” on your browsers is a great idea, and the one guys forget the most. This will greatly help eliminate her chances of finding out what you’ve been doing.

Passwords also need to be deleted. On most browsers (i.e. Firefox and Google Chrome), you can delete your browser history without removing the paper trail left behind from stored passwords, email addresses, and user names. Remove everything related to having an affair after every time you use your computer.

For complete instructions on how to hide what you’ve been doing online, check out the this wiki article.

private broswing internet explorer

Always use private browsing on cheater dating sites!

Phone Call Logs and Text Messages

Most guys are outted by their spouse because they fail to (or forget) erase text messages and call logs from their phone. Even worse, some actually use the home phone to contact their booty call. Since I’m assuming you’re not a complete moron and know not to use a home landline phone to call your skank up, I’m only going to focus on cell phone usage here.

Plain and simple – if you don’t immediately remove text and call histories from your phone, you’re just asking to get caught. There is nothing more women love to do than to snoop around on their man’s cell phone. Like I said above, women trust nobody. And quite frankly, since you’re reading this, you don’t deserve to be trusted. It’s far too easy to be caught because of conversations had on your cell phone. Everyone accidentally leaves their phone laying around the house from time to time, or it falls out o­f your pocket. If your wife happens to be the one to find it, she’s probably going to start searching through it. There better not be any evidence on your phone when this happens.

iphone delete calls

Removing your phone calls one by one is a good idea...

Every phone has an option to delete all/some phone calls and text messages from your history. The first step you need to take is to always have your phone on security mode. This will ensure those that get a hold of your phone must enter a password to use it. I can’t think of one single type of cell phone – unless it’s 10 years old – that doesn’t have this feature. Even with the security mode on, you still need to have get in the habit of deleting messages and calls from your history if they come from your lady on the side. Once you read the message, delete it. Every single time.­­­­­­­­

Deleting iPhone Text Messages

Deleting Android Text Messages

Deleting Blackberry Text Messages

Paying for Your Affair

I can’t stress this enough – never use a shared credit card, or shared bank card to fund anything related to your affair. That includes membership fees for online cheating sites, hotels, dinners with her, etc. Either have a card that sends your statement TO YOUR WORK, or go purchase a prepaid debit card. They’re easy to find. Places such as Wal-Mart, payday loan shops, etc. have them. Load the card with enough to cover at least one 1 night’s hotel stay, and a few drinks. Say … 250$ or so.

Don’t put too much money on your card at a time. If your wife notices a hefty withdrawal from your bank account, she’s going to wonder why. Take a little out at a time so it’s not suspicious. If she asks why you withdrew the money, since it’s a small amount, you can easily come up with an excuse (i.e. paid for Fantasy Baseball league fees).  Make sure you hide the card in a place she won’t ever find. Don’t keep it stored in your wallet. A good place to store it would be locked up in your desk at work.

shared funds

Never use shared cards or funds for your affair stuff!

Instant Messaging

Another common way guys are caught cheating is through careless use of Instant Messaging such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, and MSN Messenger. It’s easy to leave a paper trail with Instant Messaging. You often get caught up in an interesting conversation through IM and just completely forget to delete the chat log. It happens, but hopefully not to you.

instant messaging history

Always delete IM history, genius!

You Can Never Be Too Cautious

If you think I’m getting a bit carried away with how cautious I’m encouraging you to be, you’re wrong. Guys that don’t think their wife pays much attention to little details are the ones that end up getting caught. Just because she acts like she’s not snooping around doesn’t mean she isn’t. It just means she wants you to think she trusts you. Women have great intuition. They are very good about picking up on signs that their man is cheating. And when they do, they start sneaking around, following your every move and checking to see what you’ve been doing online.

You will get caught eventually if you’re not careful. I 100% guarantee it. Take a look at the links above to learn EXACTLY how to clear your browser history and remove text messages. Sometimes you THINK you’ve cleared it up, but what you don’t realize is the messages aren’t necessarily removed for good.

Women like to talk. When they’ve been suspecting their spouse is cheating, they start to ask their friends if they know anything. Then they start to follow you every time you leave the house. Never tell anyone about your affair. Not even your best friend that you think you can trust with your life. Plenty of guys have been caught this way. They think there’s no way their homeboy is going to say anything. Next thing you know, he’s spilling the beans. Even when you think you know someone, there’s always a risk they could stab you in the back. That’s just how people are. Your affair is your business and no one else’s.