The Ultimate & Most Basic Cheating Strategy: Diversification

There are many precautions to take when cheating on your wife. If you don’t follow the methodical processes we suggest, you run the risk of being caught. Of course, if you don’t have a lady on the side to hookup with, none of that matters. This article will teach you the most important strategy for finding some booty on the side – diversify your bonds!  Okay, not really your bonds – we just love to say that. Diversify your cheating site accounts instead.

woman in net

The wider you cast your net, the more fish you'll catch!

Why you should to sign-up for multiple cheating sites

We’re in no way suggesting you can’t find a partner on just one site. You certainly could. But online dating for men is a numbers game. And cheater dating is no different. The more women you get in contact with, the better your chances of finding someone are. By limiting yourself to one site, you’re decreasing the amount of quality women you can talk to. Sites catered specifically to cheaters have far fewer members than relationship sites. There are no hookup sites with 20 million members.

You need to have at least a handful of potential hookups in your pipeline at all times. By using multiple sites, this is much easier. Women can be flaky at times. They might seem interested and then all of a sudden start to ignore you. It could be for a number of reasons. Maybe they found someone else they’d rather hookup with or they became scared of going through with it. If she’s your only option, now you’re back to square one. If you have a pipeline full of potential hookups, having one woman flake out on you won’t be such a big deal.

You might ask yourself … if I live in a highly populous town, won’t there be plenty of women for me to choose from?

Possibly. But you can never have too many women to choose from. There might be 500 women to choose from on one site and 50 on another. But what if the best lady happens to be a member of the site with fewer options? And what happens if she flakes out on you? Then you can at least go back to the site with more women for your Plan B.

Deciding Which Sites Are Best For You

Follow these guidelines for selecting a cheating site (must have most of these qualities):

  • No more than 60% male dominated
  • High percentage of members that are active nearby
  • Easy to contact other members
  • Women on the site understand your need for discretion and are not expecting your relationship to turn into anything emotional
  • Plenty of attractive members that are not fake

Remember to diversify your online dating portfolio. And contact as many attractive members as possible. Your chances for finding a hookup will significantly increase if you’re active and aggressive.