How To Have An Affair: The Cheating Process Explained

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All of the puzzle pieces will fit together after you read this guide.

If you’re having an affair, the process you use to cheat must be methodical. We’ve completed a step-by-step process you need to follow. If you don’t, you’re going to need a ton of luck to keep your spouse from finding out. The advice you’re about to learn has been put to the test many times by multiple guys. Our system has yet to fail. It is 100% bullet proof.

We don’t need to tell you how untrusting women are (this goes for men too, if you’re a lady reading this). You’re married and already know this. It’s only natural to see a hot piece of ass and think, “damn, I’d like to hit that”. Your wife knows this. That’s why she does everything in her power to prevent you from acting on those emotions. She might even invade your privacy. Despite that, most men still fail to take the proper precautions necessary to ensure they get away with it.

The Affair System: Having An Affair, Step-by-Step!

READ: Step 1 – Membership Has Its Dues

If you thought cheating was free, you’re shit out of luck. Get yourself a Prepaid Debit Card. They’re inexpensive but you need to load it with enough money to pay for your affair (dinners, hotels, etc…). Signing up for one cheating dating site site won’t be enough. You’re limiting your ability to meet something with 1 site.

Never use a shared bank or credit card for an online dating site. If your wife get her hands on your bank statements, the gig is up. Even if she never looks over your bank statements, it’s still reckless to use a shared bank card. What happens if your account requests bank statements for some odd reason when filing taxes? Though it’s unlikely, it could happen. We’re just trying to make sure all of your tracks are covered.

The dating sites you select are of most importance. There are only 3 cheating sites we can responsibly recommend –,, and You’re free to see our in-depth reviews on these sites, and others that we gave negative reviews for. Get signed up for 2-3 of those sites and you’ll find someone.

READ: Step 2 – Become the Stud You Always Wanted to Be

It doesn’t matter if you were a pimply faced nerd back in High School. Nor does it matter if you are married to some fat slob because you haven’t got the confidence to approach a decent girl. Online – you’re a stud, and a complete badass. You’re a freakin’ sex machine that enjoys giving as much as receiving.

Your profile needs to back this persona up. The image you portray in your profile is everything. If you’re a computer nerd that wears a pocket protector, take it out and post a picture that makes you look tough – or at least attractive. This isn’t This isn’t eHarmony. No one cares who you really are. That shit doesn’t even matter. The women you chat with are in it for the fantasy of hooking up with a married man. As long as they know you’re not a serial killer, their decision to sleep with you or not will be based on if they feel you have sex appeal. That’s where the bad boy image comes into play. Heck, you’re already halfway to convincing her you’re a bad boy because you’re willing to cheat on your spouse. Now you just need to look and talk the part.

Creating a killer (but not serial killer, dummy!) profile is easy. Though personality and life goals are less important in your situation, you still need to show women you have some personality. Crack a few jokes and mention specifically what you’re looking for. Stress the importance of secrecy in your profile and make it clear that no emotional attachment will occur as a result of your encounters. One would think women should understand this, but some end up getting attached. That’s why it’s important to stress you only want sex and nothing emotional in your profile.

READ: Step 3 – Patience is a Virtue

When you sign-up for a cheating site, you’ll be having sex with hot women within an hour. Of course, I’m just kidding. Remember when your mother told you that good things come to those that wait? That saying had no meaning when you were 15. Now it does. If you went to a bar looking to get laid, you wouldn’t expect to be having sex within minutes. There’s a process you have to follow first.

The women you’re dealing with on cheating sites have other things going on in their lives. She may be in the same boat as you – cheating on a spouse. So there’s always going to be times where you want to hookup but she won’t be available. Plus, you might not even find a partner right away. Work the sites, chat with as many women as possible, and remain patient.

READ: Step 4 – Game the System

Want to keep your profile atop the search results on hookup sites? All you have to do is remain consistently active, update your profile frequently (just change a few minor things), and (if applicable) pay to be a premium member. That’s it.

READ: Step 5 – Contacting the Prospects

You can’t make a sale if you haven’t got the balls to contact your prospects. In this case, if you can’t muster up the courage to speak to women online, you’re screwed. Getting the attention of women on a cheating site is a bit tricky. You have to truly understand their mindset before sending them a message. Women that sign-up for these sites generally live boring lives. They’re looking for a little excitement, which is something their husband clearly isn’t giving them.

Since most of the women you encounter likely lead boring lives, you have to show them you’re fun. If you don’t, they won’t respond. It all starts with a message that is witty, humorous, and creative. If you can make her smile right away, you’re going to get far. Don’t try to sympathize with her in your message. “I know how you feel” seems like something you should say. It’s not. She hears that nonsense from hundreds of other guys. Be the guy on the site that’s not like all the others. Be creative and original.

READ: Step 6 – Flirt Like You Did Back in the Day

Well, unless you sucked at flirting back in the day, of course. The women you’re going to chat with feel like they have nothing going for them other than a committed husband. Everyone needs more than that. So it’s up to you to give them that. Women that wish to cheat on their husbands have similar reasons for doing so that you have for cheating on your wife. Chances are they’re in a marriage that lacks passion and fun.

To attract women online, you’ve got to show them you are fun and can give them the passion they crave. When she contacts you, flirt with her. Tease her. Her husband probably hasn’t flirted with her in months. She wants to feel young again. She used to love it when guys would playfully tease her. That crap used to make her smile. This is the #1 key to getting in her pants.

READ: Step 7 – Instant Messaging

After you’ve flirted with her and received a positive response, it’s time to start moving in on her. Either contact her or have her contact you via Instant Messaging and/or Voice Chat. This can be done through Google Talk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, etc. I really like Google Voice and suggest you become familiar with it. When using Google Voice, make sure to NEVER use your real phone number and encourage her to do the same. This will score you some brownie points because she’ll know you care about her not getting caught as well.

Do NOT ever use a cell phone. All communications should be done via Instant Messaging or Google Voice. It truly amazes me how many guys get caught because they gave out their cell phone number to a booty call. Even if you don’t think your wife snoops through your cell phone – she does. They all do. Every text or call you receive, she is going to be curious who the call/text is coming from.

Since you are married, at some point in your life, you learned how to talk to women. Bust out the charm you used on your wife once upon a time when chatting with women through Instant Messaging. Humor her a bit. Seem interesting. Don’t be boring. Assure her that you’re not going to get emotionally attached. Tell her what you enjoy in the bedroom. If you have some sort of fantasy or fetish you want to act out, chances are she won’t have a problem letting you act out that fantasy – unless it involves you urinating on her or something weird like that. If that’s your fantasy, keep it to yourself.

Don’t compliment her too often or you will come off as phony, but make sure to at least once or twice let her know that you think she is beautiful. Don’t call her hot or sexy unless you’re deep in a sex related discussion. Calling a woman beautiful makes her feel special, even if she’s just looking for sex. She wants to feel special to you, just not emotionally.

READ: Step 8 – Getting Together

Since both of you are likely married, it’s going to be hard to find a place to hookup. You might have to get a little creative. One option is in the backseat of a car like you did back in High School. That won’t cost you a penny, but she might not approve because it could make her feel like a cheap whore. A more costly (yet much classier) alternative is to get a hotel room. Perhaps the two of you can take turns paying for the room. When you pay for it, make sure you pay with your Prepaid Debit Card.

If you follow the above steps, you’re going to have a great sex life without much risk. One final piece of advice is to not let your on-the-side relationship affect your marriage. Nothing within your marriage should change. Don’t start acting weird around your wife or she will become suspicious. Women have great intuitions. Oh, and remember to ALWAYS cover your tracks.