How To Have An Affair Step #1: Always Use Multiple Dating Sites

Using a multi-site strategy to get your prey is the ultimate cheater's tactic!

Attracting women online is a lot like marketing a business. You’re attempting to sell the fantasy of having sex with you. Much like business marketing, not everyone that comes across your sales pitch will want to buy. Let’s say you’re marketing this hot new product that you’re certain consumers are going to love, but you don’t have any marketing expertise…

An inexperienced marketer is going to just assume that all you have to do is create an amazing product, tell a few people, and sit back and wait for the phone to ring. As you might know, it doesn’t work that way. Marketing is a consistent process, and a smart marketer will use many different avenues to market their products. I’m not here to teach you how to run a business, so let’s put these concepts into attempting to get laid online.

Since your success at hooking up with women you meet online can be directly attributed to how well you market yourself, why limit your exposure to one cheating site? Why not use 2-3 sites so you can get your profile out there in front of as many women as possible? The reason we suggest 2-3 sites is because there are only 3 cheating sites worth signing up for (,, and Plus, it would get far too expensive to sign-up for more than a couple of sites (your wife might get suspicious).

Won’t it become confusing to use multiple sites?

Sure…if you’re a complete moron. Assuming you’re not, you won’t have any problem maneuvering from site to site. Think of it like driving multiple cars. If your family has a minivan and a 4-door sedan, are you only capable of driving one of the cars? Each online dating site is different. However, the basic functions are quite similar. The 3 cheating sites we recommend all have similar capabilities. If you’re capable of sending an email on, you’re capable of sending an email on

Dating sites are simple to navigate through. There’s not much intelligence required to figure out how to search profiles, fill out a profile, upload a photo, and contact other members. Anyone that knows how to use the Internet should have no problem switching from dating site to dating site.

The only reason you should not sign-up for multiple dating sites is if money is a major issue. But then again, if money is an issue, having an affair might not be such a good idea. Women are needy – even the ones we use just for sex. She might want you to buy her dinner sometime. And you may have to spend for a hotel to have sex with her. You probably won’t be able to bring her over to your joint and, if she’s married, you can’t go over to her place to get it on.

Going back to the marketing lesson I taught you earlier – hooking up online is an investment. It’s not free. Sure, there are free sites. Good luck getting laid on there. Those sites have millions of members with 3:1 male to female ratios. And the women are mostly inactive, which means you’ll never hear from them.

How to Work Multiple Cheating Sites

Signing up for 2-3 hookup sites requires creating multiple profiles. You don’t want them to be exactly the same, but you better make sure they’re not exact opposites either. If you portray yourself as a badass on one site and a man with a Vagina on another site, you will come off as a liar to women that also use multiple sites. Women are using the same strategies to get laid as you are. They know that one site isn’t enough.


Okay, so why not just use the exact same profile on 2-3 sites? This shows a lack of creativity. A woman might find your profile on and think you’re kind of interesting. Then she might see the same profile on, and now she thinks you’re a lame ass for posting the same profile. If you mix things up a bit, she might think you’re even more interesting because she liked your creativity. This is a minor detail, but I’m trying to help you increase your odds of getting laid and EVERY minor detail counts.

As stated above, women also post profiles on different sites. So make sure you’re paying attention to the person you’re contacting from site to site. I’ve seen guys send an email to a girl on separate sites saying something completely different about who he is. It’s an honest mistake. There are thousands of profiles out there and, after a while, many of the women start to look alike. But you need to pay close attention to make sure you’re not making this costly mistake.

The Most Important Reason to Use 2-3 Sites

You now know that using multiple cheating sites helps get your profile in front of as many women as possible. But the main reason to use different sites is so you have a larger selection of women. All 3 of the cheating sites we recommend have tons of attractive women. Women you would DIE to bang. But you can’t have them all.

If you hate math, statistics, or anything related to numbers, I hate to tell you that online dating is a numbers game. You can be the hottest stud that’s ever graced this fine Earth, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to find a hookup online if you don’t contact many women. I’m not going to throw out a number and tell you that you must contact x-amount of women before getting laid. Some might get lucky and hookup with the first woman they talk to. Most will have to contact at least a 10+ women before even getting a response. That’s why you have to adopt the strategy of contacting as many women as possible.

There really is no magic potion for finding women online to have sex with. All you can do is position yourself to have success. That includes creating a killer profile, signing up for multiple cheating sites, being regularly active on the sites, contacting as many women as possible, and being an interesting conversationalist. If you do those things, and have some patience, you’re bound to eventually meet a hottie to hook up with.