How To Have An Affair Step #2: Creating a Profile that Attracts Women

Build a dating profile that takes all the work out of attracting women!

Building an online dating profile that attracts women requires some creativity and originality. Go through the profiles on any random hookup site and write down similarities between most of the men. You’ll likely find a bunch of giant penis photos and comments about what they’re going to do to these ‘lucky’ women with those giant penises. Now that you’ve written down what you see from all of the other guys, I want you to rip up that piece of paper and pledge to NEVER be as big of an idiot as them.

If you’re curious to know what is wrong with posting a picture of a penis and describing, in graphic detail, what you’re going to do to these women sexually…on a site filled with horny men and women…

Women Don’t Like Perverts – They Like Fantasies

Do you really think bragging about how you can shoot a load across the room and can’t wait for her to catch that load with her mouth is attractive? You’re a dumbass if you do. Those guys you see posting photos of their junk – they’re not getting laid. Actually, that’s not true. Some of them are…by the desperate fatties that will sleep with anything that has a penis and isn’t their husband.

Do you want a fatty? Or do you want a smoking hot chick with a banging body? If you’re cool settling for a porker, don’t even bother reading the rest of this. Just sign up for some site, post a photo of your junk (even if it’s 3 inches erect) and let the entire infidelity community know you love to jizz all over a woman’s face and watch her eat it. You’ll probably have a 50/50 shot (being generous here) of getting laid by a heffer. Assuming that’s NOT what you’re looking for, read on…

Attractive women are looking for a sexual fantasy … NOT SIMPLY SEX. But they aren’t attracted to disgusting perverts. They’re attracted to the fantasy of meeting a decent man for extramarital sex. As much of an oxy-moron as this is, they are looking for a classy guy that’s willing to do something un-classy. They want you to be a presentable human being with sex appeal.

Being Kinda Sorta Classy, But Not Really

Cheating on your spouse to bang some skank online isn’t classy, any way you slice it. I’m not judging you here or ripping on you. I’ve done the same thing dozens of times. So I’m certainly no Choir Boy. I’m just being honest. However, despite the fact that we’re slime balls, we have to make women feel like we aren’t slime balls if we want to attract the ones worth having sex with.

With that said, your profile shouldn’t appear to be of a guy seeking a long-term relationship. What I mean is, even though you want to seem classy, you have to make it clear you’re not some sort of pussy heartthrob. That persona won’t get you laid. So how do you create a profile that’s classy, but not really? Don’t go to deep into your interests and life goals or post pictures of your junk. Avoid using vulgar language, mix in some humor, and stress your understanding for her need to be discreet.

Never get emotional in the content. Don’t cry about how much of a beeyotch your wife is or that she sucks in bed. No one cares. Men that whine about how much their wife won’t put out or doesn’t share their crazy fetishes are annoying. This is a major turn-off to women. Keep the profile upbeat. Positive vibes lead to sexual interactions. Once you’ve finished writing your profile, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Do I seem interesting?
  • Do I seem funny?
  • Did I avoid coming off as a disgusting pig?

If you answered “yes” to all 3 questions, you’re almost good to go. The final step is to upload attractive photos. If you aren’t naturally the best looking guy in the world, don’t panic. You don’t have to be. Being attractive in photos is based mostly on how you present yourself – not your genes. You need at least 3 photos uploaded (maybe 4 or 5). 1 photo isn’t enough because it doesn’t show enough. Women will ignore you, most likely. No photo and you have absolutely no shot of getting laid.

Photos should be with you fully clothed or in your boxers. Don’t get naked. Keep her in suspense. Women love to fantasize about what might be under those clothes and they love a little suspense. One of the pictures should be just of your face. Make sure to smile. Another should be a full body shot, possibly with you in your boxers (or briefs, depending on what you look best in). And then 1-2 more pictures of you in different poses.

Examples of What to Say in a Profile Summary and Description

SummaryI’m looking for more than just sex. No, I’m not one of “those” guys, the ones that come onto a hookup site looking for love. I want an attractive woman that’s fun to be around (in and out of the bedroom) and has the intelligence to stimulate my mind and body. Good sex is a must, but I don’t need to hit it and quit it. I can walk into any bar in town, on any Friday night and get that.


Description:  We’re all here for sex. But I’m also here to meet someone I can trust, that understands and respects my need to be discreet. And I will respect yours. To be the woman that allows me to get into their pants, you must have a personality, along with your good looks. Sex is as much mental as it is physical to me. I must feel a connection to you.

I don’t want to meet you at a hotel, bend you over, and leave most of the time. I understand, there will be times where we only have a few minutes to get our jollies off and then we must both go home before our spouses start wondering where we are. But on occasions where we actually have time, I’d like to get to know you with your clothes on. I’ve been deprived of good conversation lately and I want that to change. I will tell you anything you want to know about me and I would like to know you. Bonus points to any woman that can make me laugh. Additional bonus points to any woman that can make me laugh so hard I spit my coffee all over my monitor.

In these examples, I refrained from describing specifically what I want to do to women. I also mixed in some light humor and made it clear that I want more than just sex but not a relationship. This type of profile has been very effective for me. Women trust guys with similar profiles. I don’t come off as a disgusting pig or an emotional train wreck, and I show women that I also care about them. Having a sexual relationship on the side is a two-way relationship. Just like in your marriage, if you want her to stick around, you have to keep her satisfied.