How To Have An Affair Step #3: Detecting the Hot Women Online That Are D.T.F.

Learn to figure out who's down to fuck. Fast!

I know it seems completely ridiculous, but not all women on hookup sites are actually willing to put out. Some are just “tire kickers”, looking to see what’s out there. Others, deep down, want to cheat on their spouse but don’t have the courage to go through with it. While it’s certainly tempting to contact every member that looks hot in their photos, you’re wasting your time.

Go after the attractive women that are clearly serious about hooking up. They are often difficult to spot. You can’t always tell from their profile, though sometimes you can. You might not find out what her intentions are until you chat with her. But you’ll almost always know shortly after you begin chatting if she’s just going to waste your time.

Profile Signs She’s Serious About Finding a Hookup

*Filled out a complete profile, which includes multiple photos. Women that are just “tire kickers” aren’t going to spend too much time on their profile. They just want to sign-up, take a look at the men, and see if the site is even worth their time. Read into what she wrote on her profile. If she makes mention of specifics about what she’s looking for in an affair and what she’s looking for from a guy, plus shows a little personality, she’s likely serious about meeting someone.

*She was recently active but isn’t a new member. “Tire kickers” will sign-up, take a look around and then never sign back in. It’s a good sign if she’s not a new member but has been recently active. Most online dating sites show how long it’s been since the member logged in when you search through profiles. Highly active members are serious about getting laid.

Email/Instant Message Signs She’s Serious About Hooking Up

Profile content is never a guarantee she is or is not planning on hooking up. What she says in an Email or Instant Message almost always give you the answer. If she responds to your email or and is willing to IM with you, that’s a good sign. The type of response you receive from your comments and questions will quickly show you if she’s serious about hooking up and if she’s ready to hookup quickly.

5 Email/IM Signs She’s NOT Going to Hookup With You

  1. She gives very short answers to your questions.
  2. She doesn’t ask you questions.
  3. She never uses smiley faces.
  4. She shows very little emotion.
  5. She takes a long time to respond.

5 Email/IM Signs She’s Interested in Hooking Up With You

  1. Her answers are often lengthy.
  2. She wants to know about what YOU are looking for.
  3. She normally responds right away to an IM, and within a couple of hours to an email.
  4. She compliments you.
  5. She begins mentioning specific locations where you can go to hookup.

There are certain exceptions to the rules. Some women are very shy. These women are looking for you to take charge of the conversation. In most cases, they’re just not interested. If you are chatting with a woman that’s giving very short, boring answers, you can try to lighten the mood up and see how she reacts. Crack a joke or two. If all you get is a polite “lol”, move on to the next girl.

Example IM Conversations Showing Obvious Interest

Dude: What are you up to today?

Chick: Waiting for you to IM me! J

Dude: How long have you been waiting?

Chick: Oh, all day!

Dude: Sorry, it’s a pretty long waiting list!

Chick: Ha!

Dude: Don’t worry, I told them all they weren’t good enough for me.

Chick: Is this where you tell me I’m not good enough for you either?

Dude: No, this is where I tell you I’m incredibly horny for you…

Chick: The husband is out of town all week. Just sayin’…


This girl is ready to hookup. There’s no doubt about it. She flirted back with him and even subtly invited him over. Let’s take a look at one where it’s obvious the guy isn’t going to get laid…

Dude: Hey there, how you doing?

Chick: I’m good

Dude: What are your plans for the weekend.

Chick: Probably just relaxing.

Dude: Will the husband be around?

Chick: He’s out of town.

Dude: Sweet! That means you have time for me!

Chick: LOL

Dude: How’s about we get together Saturday evening? We can get some dinner, chat, and once you’re confident you’ll like me, maybe we can go get a hotel room and make each other feel good! J

(no response for 10 minutes)

Chick: We’ll see

Dude: I promise it will be fun

(no response for 5 minutes)

Dude: You down?

Chick: I will keep you posted.

By “keep you posted”, she means she’s never going to talk to him again. It amazes me how many guys don’t pick up on these obvious signs. 90% of the men out there will continue trying to chat with this girl. What a complete waste of time. She gives short answers, refuses to commit to meeting, isn’t flirting at all, and took extra long to respond to an offer.

Women that are D.T.F will be upbeat when they talk to you and won’t come up with excuses or cop outs to your offers. Look for obvious signs of flirting from them. If you don’t see it, stop wasting your time and move on to women that are ready to hookup.