How To Have An Affair Step #4: Being Highly Active on Cheating Sites

The more active you are, the more women you will end up pulling!

Getting laid by a hottie online requires some effort. Other than having a computer in front of you, it’s really no different than picking up women at a bar. If you sit in the corner, ignoring other patrons in the bar, would you expect to get laid? Same thing online. Signing up and creating a profile isn’t enough. Even if you’re the hottest guy on the site, women aren’t just going to come begging for your cock. You have to guide them to it.

The most important reason you should be active daily on a hookup site is so your profile will remain at the top of search results. Dating sites allow members to sort through members. One of the most common ways women sort through lists of men is by those that were recently active on the site. I do the same thing with women. Why would I bother contacting women that haven’t even logged into the site in a month? That’s the same thought process women have when looking for men.

There’s More to Being Active than Logging In Daily

Signing into the site is everyday is all fine and dandy. But it will only get you so far. To top the search results, you need to update your profile regularly. You don’t have to completely overhaul your profile every week. Just make a few minor changes to the content and upload new photos regularly.

Being regularly active on a hookup site is one of the biggest keys to getting laid. Most guys fail in this department. Why? They don’t know they have to be active. They don’t realize the similarities between online and offline dating. Being active helps you stand out amongst the crowd. Women may skip over a profile of a guy they’re more interested in and contact you instead because they noticed you actually take the time to use the site more than once a month.

No male or female that signs up for a hookup site wants to wait a month (or longer) to get laid. When you sign-up, you’re horny right then. Women want to hop in bed with a guy ASAP. That’s why you have to make it known you’re serious about hooking up right away.

Top 5 Reasons You Need to Be Active on Cheating Sites

  1. You’ll show up higher in search results, especially for women that sort the lists by recent activity.
  2. Shows women you’re serious about hooking up.
  3. Helps you stand out amongst men that might otherwise be more likely to attract the ladies.
  4. Increases your chances of getting laid.
  5. There’s no reason NOT to be active.

Steps to Take to Increase Your Chances of Getting Laid

Step #1 – Sign into the site daily.

Even if you don’t actually contact anyone or update your profile – at least sign-in. This will help keep you near the top of the search results. I realize that some days you just won’t have much time to work the site, but spend 10 seconds just to sign-in at the very least.

Step #2 – Upload new Photos weekly

I am Facebook friends with people that change their profile picture everyday and upload, seemingly, 800 photos a week. They annoy me. Don’t do that. Instead, upload a new photo or 2 every week. This helps keep your profile at the top of the search results and gives the ladies on the site more of you to see.

Step #3 – Tweak the content of your profile every few days

Again, you’re helping get to the top of the search results by doing this. Don’t completely overhaul the content. Just change a few adjectives, add/remove a sentence or two. That’s it.

Step #4 – Contact as many women as possible

I have learned that hooking up with women online is a numbers game. It doesn’t matter who you are and what site you’re on. You have to contact as many women as possible. Each day, contact at least 4-5 women. Send them a “wink” and shoot them a short email expressing interest. The main reason I recommend using 2-3 infidelity sites is so you have enough women to contact. The more the merrier, right?

Step #5 – Respond promptly to messages

Again, women on there are looking to hookup quickly. Don’t take more than a couple of hours to respond to an email. You’re not the only guy she is contacting. You know the saying, “if you snooze, you lose”? This holds true with online dating – especially on hookup sites.

Follow Every Step to Ensure Success

All I can do is give you the necessary cheating strategies. After that, it’s all up to you. I’m not going to sign-up, create a profile, and work the site for you. The advice I’m providing you works. I know because I’ve tested every method and strategy out, as have others. The ones that take my advice and just ignore it are the ones that don’t get laid.

You have to be active online. You’ll never get laid if you aren’t. I can’t stress this enough. Guys constantly tell me they can’t be active daily because they’re afraid the wife will catch them. Lame excuse. Get a Smartphone and access the site on your lunch break or find 15 minutes away from your wife in the evening. If you’re serious about getting laid, this is something you MUST do.