How To Have An Affair Step #5: Getting Her Hooked on You Immediately

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Here fishy fishy fishy 🙂

I hate clichés, but I’m going to contradict myself here and say that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Screw up the initial email you send her, and you’re finished. It’s that crucial. Writing emails that attract women on a hookup site are a bit different from those you would write on a site geared towards long-term relationships. You have to be more aggressive, without coming off as a disgusting pig. If you’re thinking that’s tough to do – you’re right. But, as always, I’ve got your back!

Goals of an Initial Email

You don’t have to get her to respond with “let’s meet at the 4th Avenue Motel 6 in 30 minutes. I want your cock…NOW!” on the first email. But you want her to express a definite interest in at least getting to know you more, if not an interest in having sex with you soon. Here are the 5 goals of an initial email…

  1. Get her to respond.
  2. Get a positive response from her.
  3. Get a response that expresses at least some interest.
  4. Get her to respond quickly.
  5. Get her to want to start a conversation with you via text or Instant Message (bonus points if she gives out her digits).

You should shoot to accomplish ALL 5 of those goals with every girl you contact. But you should understand that not EVERY girl will even respond and some won’t give you the response you’re looking for. As I’ve stressed in previous articles, you have to look at it like it’s a numbers game. The more women you contact, the more likely you are to get laid.

Tips for Writing a First Email

  • Subject line must be catchy or she won’t ever open it.
  • The introduction must also be catchy or she won’t bother reading the entire message.
  • Ask a question (usually at the end) that will entice her to want to respond.
  • Don’t mention the size of your penis (you’d probably just lie anyway – we all do), tell her you want to bend her over your grandma’s bed, or ask her if she spits or swallows.
  • Be friendly and humorous.
  • Don’t even mention your wife or whine about your pathetic sex life. You’re on a cheating site. She knows your sex life sucks or you wouldn’t be there.
  • Keep the length of the email under 125 words but more than 1-2 sentences. She probably has an Inbox full of emails from horny guys, so her attention span will be short. However, if you keep the email TOO short, she won’t know if you’re worth chatting with.
  • Don’t tell her your life story. She doesn’t care, unless you’re rich and famous. If you’re just an Average Joe, she couldn’t care less about your boring job, your Fantasy Baseball team, or your recent family vacation to Disney World. Those don’t attract her. Your looks and desires are what will attract her.
  • Avoid the temptation to use cheesy clichĂ©s like the one I opened this article with!
  • Personalize the message. This shows her you’re not just sending out a canned email to every woman you find. Make mention to something in her profile as email fodder.

Examples of Emails that Get Positive Responses Nearly 90% of the Time

Subject: 99 emails sent and no responses to this CUTE guy??

Message: I’m kidding, you’re not the 100th hottie I’ve contacted. You’re actually one of the firsts. Hey, I really dig your profile and I think it’s cool that you’re looking for more than just sex, but not a relationship. Let’s face it – we’re mostly here for sex so there’s got to be sexual chemistry, but I’d like to get to know you as a person as well. Let chat with through Google Talk, AIM, or Yahoo! Messenger soon. What’s your screen name?

Subject: Sorry, no pictures of my penis!!

Message: I’m sure you’ve received 50 pictures from guys showing off their junk today, and I know just how much women love that (sarcasm), but I don’t have one for you. I hope you won’t hold against me. I’m also not going to tell you that I want to bend you over (not that I don’t want to!). Instead, I’m going to simply say that our situations (married, not satisfied in the bedroom, and needing a discreet relationship) are similar. Despite my lack of unoriginality, do you think we could continue this conversation over Instant Message tonight?

Subject: If you’re such a wild girl, what are you doing on here?

Message: Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m glad you’re here. But you are stunningly beautiful and claim to be very kinky and wild. If you were my wife, there’s no way I wouldn’t do everything in my power to keep you satisfied. With that said, I’m glad your husband isn’t getting the job done. His loss just might be my gain if I play my cards right, ey? How’s about you give me a shot to make up for his mistakes? J

Reviewing the Example Emails

In both of those emails, I followed the guidelines I listed above. I mixed in a bit of humor, I personalized them (notice my mention of something they said in their profile?), asked a question at the end, and did not come off as a disgusting pervert. Those emails are actual emails I have used many times and had a ton of success with. Women respond well to these. Most of the time, I receive either a cell phone number to call them or an Instant Messenger screen name. I prefer IM’s because they’re safer (don’t want the wifey to catch me!), but I’m fine sending text messages if that’s what they prefer – just make sure I delete them right away.

You don’t have to use these exact emails. You can create your own. If you do use these ones, make sure to edit out the parts with references to something they said in their profile and add in something mentioned in her profile.

Remember – personalize the messages, show off your awesome personality (if it’s not an awesome personality, fake it), and for the love of God…keep your dick in your pants until she asks to see it!