How To Have An Affair Step #6: Getting Her to Open Up To You In Emails

Follow these simple steps for finding out her deepest and darkest fantasies!

The number one key to getting a woman to open up to you is to flirt with her. Flirting is an art you hopefully learned as a teenager. If not, since I’m so generous, I’ll give you some pointers. But first, we need to define “flirting”. It is simply a playful way of expressing interest in someone. Flirting requires a bit of light humor and often playful teasing. If you suck at flirting, you’ll never attract women online.

For this article, I’m going to focus specifically on how to flirt in email messages. When contacting a woman via email, you need some creativity. Boring, unoriginal, clichéd messages are rarely responded to. Women like a man that can make them laugh and isn’t afraid to flirt with them.

The 5 Most Effective Email Flirting Strategies

1.Don’t offend her

Read her profile to get a sense for the type of girl she is. If the content in her profile is mature and her pictures aren’t snapshots of her snatch, be careful what you say. Sure, she’s on a cheating site mostly looking for sex, but she is probably one of those pseudo-classy chicks.

“Hey baby, do you take it in the butt?” is not a good way to flirt with this type of girl. Try a more subtle approach to your sex related responses. Also, avoid cracking jokes about race, religion, or genders. I realize you’re not signing up for a Christian dating site, but you just never know if she will be offended by those types of jokes.

2.Get her interested right away

The very first email you send her should make her become interested in you immediately. Don’t send her some canned message or bore her to death in the email. The initial emails needs to be short, sweet, funny, and to the point. A mildly humorous, harmless joke about something she mentioned in her profile is an exceptional idea. That’s a great way to flirt with her right off the bat.

3.Self deprecation is good if done right

Having confidence and high self-esteem is essential when attracting women. But sometimes making fun of your own imperfections can work in your favor. Part of the way I flirt with a girl is to make fun of myself. I don’t do it all the time and I make sure she knows I’m only kidding. I don’t want her to think I have no confidence. I want her to think I’m not too arrogant to laugh at myself from time to time.

For example, I was recently chatting with a woman about golf. We both shared an interest in the sport. She mentioned that she’s been working hard on her game. I told her I’ve been working hard on my game for 15 years and I think I’ve gotten worse. She asked me if I had ever thought about hiring a golf instructor. I said, “I am a golf instructor”. She responded with, “but I thought you sucked at golf?” to which I replied, “those who can’t do, teach!”

A little self-deprecation shows her you’re not an arrogant prick that thinks you’re God’s gift to mankind, and makes her laugh. Too much of it and she’ll think you have no confidence, which is a major turnoff.

4.Make fun of her shortcomings

This is a tad misleading. If she has a goofy nose, don’t make fun of that. If she’s got a little extra junk in the trunk, shut your mouth about it. Women are very sensitive about their imperfections. That’s why they try so hard to always look their best to make up for them.

So what should you tease her about? You have to pay attention to what she says and what’s in her profile to figure something out. If it’s a first email, I’d suggest staying away from teasing her. Build up a little rapport with her first to get a sense for the type of person she is. Once you’ve communicated a couple of times, find something harmless to tease her about based on something she said in a previous email.

5.Flirting your way off email and onto IM/Text

Don’t waste too much time emailing her. Get her onto IM or set up a meeting with her in person as quickly as possible. Once she responds to your first email, immediately begin flirting with her. Step it up a notch. The more you flirt with her, the better your chances are of getting into bed with her.

An Email Flirting Example

Here is an example of how I flirt with women through email (edited due to length):

Me: I’m bored, why don’t you send me an IM. Or are you too busy not having sex with your husband?

Her: We had sex last night. I didn’t cum, but at least I was able to see a man’s penis for the first time in a month. I will IM you tomorrow. The ‘ol ball ‘n chains is home and probably won’t be leaving until tomorrow.

Me: Congrats on seeing a man’s penis for the first time in a month. I see a big one every time I get undressed!

Her: And when will I get to see this alleged big penis?

Me: As soon as you send me an IM. Come on, knock the Old Man out or slip a roofy in his drink. Heck, I’ll buy him a ticket to the Cubs game tonight just to get him out of the house.

Flirting is all about teasing and joking around. Women laugh at the dumbest things. Their sense of humors almost always suck. Sure, I know a few women that can generally make me laugh. But most of the time, I have to fake it. The above email example really isn’t all that funny. But it is to women. She ended up sending me an IM 10 minutes later. We chatted for a while through IM. To make a long story short, I nailed her 2 days later. Then I nailed her the day after. Then I nailed her the day after that. This became a regular occurrence for about 3 months. Then her husband found out. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!