How To Have An Affair Step #8: Setting Up a Date and Getting Laid – The Final Mile

All of this advice is USELESS if you can't pull her to your place or to a hotel ...

Once you’ve accomplished the enviable task of attracting a woman online, you need to seal the deal. Coffee is for closers! Earning that coffee starts with having the balls to ask her out on a date. Be aggressive but not intrusive when asking her. You want to set up a date in a public place that’s not intimidating. Take her out to dinner, and then work your charm to get her back to the hotel. But first, you must look for the following signs from your IM/text chats to know that she will accept your offer for a dinner date:

  • She laughs at even your dumb jokes.
  • Most of her responses are more than just an “LOL” or 2-word comment.
  • She has been asking you quite a few questions.
  • She has made comments about how she finds you interesting, cute, funny, etc.
  • She has mentioned her desire to meet you.
  • She uses smiley faces in many of her responses.

If the conversations with her resemble those signs, you’re good to go. Ask her out. But do it when the time is right. If you’re in the middle of a great conversation, use a lead-in question related to the topic of discussion to ask her out. Here’s a great example from a conversation I had with a woman. We were chatting about our favorite bands.

Me: “I tell you what – why don’t we save this discussion about the crappy bands you enjoy for dinner tomorrow night? If we keep going, we might not have anything to discuss in person!”

Her: “Great idea, but my husband is going to be home.”

Me: “I didn’t mean dinner at your house!”

Her: “I know that silly! I meant it will be hard for me to get out.”

Me: “Bring him along! Maybe I can give him some pointers in the bedroom!”

Her: “You’d do that for me!?”

Me: “No, but I will take you out for a delicious steak! Okay, so tomorrow won’t work, but what about Friday?”

Her: “Friday night is always girls night out. I’ll just tell him I’m going out with the girls.”

Me: “The offer for free steak gets ‘em every time!!”

Her: “Trust me, the steak isn’t the only reason I wanna meet you…”

I’m not going to share the rest of this conversation because it gets a bit graphic. And it gives me a boner just thinking about. The chick in question was at least an 8 – a 10 with a few beers in me. Gave a great blowjob. Anyway, the point is the above example is exactly how you should ask her out for a date. I flirted with her and used the topic of our conversation as my lead-in to asking her out.

Going from Drinks to Vagina

To be honest, the dinner dates I set up with women are just formalities. My true intentions are to get her into bed as soon as possible. I just meet her for dinner first to make her feel comfortable. She knows what I want and she wants the same thing (sex). But women are unlikely to chat with a guy online and trust him enough to go do him in a hotel before meeting him.

Dinner is perfect as long as you pick the right restaurant. The atmosphere should be laid back and the place should not be too crowded. A crowded restaurant is a loud restaurant. Going out for drinks is an even better idea. We all know what happens when you get a bit of alcohol in a female – they get HORNY. Dinner works okay if you don’t want to sleep with her on the first date. If you do, ALWAYS recommend a bar. Same rules apply – it should be a quiet, intimate atmosphere.

If the bar has a couch, take advantage of that and sit within breathing distance of her. From the instant you sit down, you should be making slight physical contact with her. If there is no couch in the bar, get an intimate booth. Don’t sit on the same side as her because that just looks goofy. Sit across from her but lean in. Your body language should be inviting. Don’t slouch or lean back because this will give her the impression you’re not attracted.

Do NOT get hammered. Have a few cocktails and, for chrissakes, PAY FOR HERS! Don’t be a cheap ass. She’s probably going to order some nasty fruit flavored drink like all women do. Ask her to let you have a sip of it. If it tastes like balls, tell her it’s delicious. Smile at her and look her straight in the eyes when you say that. Women go crazy for this. It’s sexy. The beverage you order should not be some cheap light beer, even if that’s your normal drink of choice. Order a jack and coke or anything that comes in a glass, on the rocks. Just don’t order a fruity drink because she’ll think you’re a sissy boy. Guys that order bitch drinks attract other dudes, not chicks.

The conversation you have with her better be interesting. A good way to start out the conversation is by mentioning something you chatted about via IM. Your persona needs to resemble that of the guy she chatted with online. If it doesn’t, she’s going to think you’re a phony. So take this into consideration before meeting anyone online. If you lie to her, the truth will come out once you meet. Be the same guy. Crack the same types of jokes.

When and How to Ask Her to Come to Your Hotel

To be perfectly honest, unless a clueless dolt, you’re going to know if she wants to get it on. Her body language and conversation tone will tell you everything. But still, some guys don’t pickup on her obvious signs. What are those obvious signs?

  • She’s continually touching you in any, way shape or form. Women don’t make physical contact with guys they don’t want to sleep with.
  • She laughs at your jokes. But not in an obvious “I’m only laughing so I don’t seem rude” way.
  • When you make physical contact with her, she doesn’t try to back away.
  • She says “I WANT YOUR COCK NOW!”

You may not be lucky enough to have her literally beg for your cock, but you should be able to know if she wants it based on the other signs. How do you ask her to come back to your hotel? It’s simple – just say something like, “I’ve got to be honest, just being with you is turning me on. What do you say we go get a hotel room?” If she’s clearly giving you the signs that indicate she wants your bod, don’t wait any longer. She’ll make it obvious she’s not into you pretty quickly in the evening. If she doesn’t want you, she’s going to come up with an excuse within a half hour why she has to leave. Your goal should be to seal the deal within an hour after meeting.