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On April 4, 2012
Last modified:February 4, 2015


Gleeden is a bad site. Do not join Gleeden!

This cheating site is absolutely ridiculous from the domain name to the lack of attractive women. They claim to be the first extramarital site created by women, but who cares who the site was created by? What does that have to do with anything? There are (allegedly) more than 1 million members on this site. How many of those are actual members and not fake profiles is for you to judge.

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What’s Wrong With

An easier question to answer would be “what’s right with” Simply put, not much is right with this site. It’s so hard to decipher who is real and who is fake. If you’re able to figure that out, please let us know. We give up! Profiles are very sketchy. It’s far too difficult to get a response from many women – probably goes back to the obviously fake profiles. The responses we actually did receive were laughable at best. One woman even spewed a bunch of nonsense about how her husband treats her like garbage and she wants to find “Mr. Right”. This is an infidelity site. No guy wants to deal with an emotional nut like that.

This site lacks in uniqueness. It’s very plain and boring. There’s no ability to voice chat on there. The only positive aspect of the site is it is very simple to search for members. Of course, it’s hard to know which of those profiles are actually real.

Ratings (out of 10)

Site Features: 3/10

Female Attractiveness: 6/10

Chances of Getting Laid: 2/10

Overall: 3/10 Conclusion

You’re much better off choosing a site such as There are more attractive women, better site features, and more active members on that site. It’s all up to you, however. Feel free to try out and prove us wrong. Actually, don’t do that. We don’t want you to waste $33 trying to prove a point!

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Gleeden is a SCAM. Click to view better cheater dating sites.