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On April 4, 2012
Last modified:February 4, 2015


LikeToCheat is a bad site. Do not join MarriedSecrets!

Want a high-quality website that you’re certain to find a sex partner? Then don’t bother to sign-up for! Their tagline is “The #1 Site for Affairs and Casual Encounters”. It should read “The #1 Site for Scamming Members into Believing We’re the #1 Site for Affairs and Casual Encounters”. After testing out the site, we can only laugh at their silly claims.

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What’s Wrong With

Besides everything – absolutely nothing! If you put a paper bag over most of the women, they still wouldn’t be doable. This is a completely ridiculous fling site that only the luckiest of the lucky have any success on. We are always very objective in our reviews, but we shoot straight.

More than 2.5:1 of the site’s members are male. That’s quite alarming. That means that far too many men are being suckered into thinking this is a great place to find a hookup, while there is little chance of that happening. When browsing profiles, you’ll notice that even in highly populous areas, only a few members have been active within the past 24 hours.

Ratings (out of 10)

Site Features: 3/10

Female Attractiveness: 4/10

Chances of Getting Laid: 2/10

Overall: 2/10 Conclusion

There are a lot of things you can do with $37. One of those things should not be for a monthly membership to If you find someone that’s been laid by a hot chick they met on, we’d like to hear about it because we don’t know any.

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LikeToCheat is a SCAM. Click to view better cheater dating sites.