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On April 4, 2012
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LonelyHousewives is a bad site. Do not join LonelyHousewives!

Housewives tend to get a bit lonely, especially when their husband doesn’t have time to service them in the bedroom. Some of those women turn to LonelyHousewives.com to find a man that does have time for them. Unfortunately, it’s mostly the fugly women that do. This is painfully obvious the instant you visit their website. Most sites post a bunch of fake profiles on their home page with stunning women. Not LonelyHousewives.com.

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What’s Wrong With LonelyHousewives.com?

Well, we’re confident the majority of the profiles on this site are real. So they do receive bonus points for that. However, the women just aren’t very attractive. It seems to have a diverse mix of ages, body types, and ethnicities. That’s good. And there are some hotties. Good luck ever getting a response from any of the attractive women. They don’t appear to be active very often on the site. The ones that are active are the women you know aren’t being given attention at home by their husbands because they’re not worth giving attention to.

Overall, the site isn’t horrible. There are approximately 2 guys for every gal. That ratio isn’t very good, but there are sites with even worse odds for men. Meeting someone on this site isn’t impossible – just unlikely. It’s likely that few men on here have actually met hot women to have sex with.

Ratings (out of 10)

Site Features: 4/10

Female Attractiveness: 5/10

Chances of Getting Laid: 4/10

Overall: 4/10

LonelyHousewives.com Conclusion

You can test the site out, but we don’t recommend it. Maybe you’ll have some luck. But chances are you’re just going to be wasting time and money (it costs almost $42 per month for a membership).

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LonelyHousewives is a SCAM. Click to view better cheater dating sites.