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On April 4, 2012
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Sexsearchis a great sex hookup site. Very good for occasional casual hookups.

If you like porn, sex, and have a bit of a wild side, you’re in the right place. isn’t your ordinary hookup site. This site is more for the guy that wants to bring out his naughty side. Women on here are extremely attractive, and there are tons of women near any major metropolitan area.

approved cheater dating site Advantages & Differentiators

Let’s start with what makes this site different. is more than just a hookup site. While (a great hookup site, by the way) is geared towards married individuals and those looking to hookup with married people, this site is for anyone that wants to get laid – married or not.

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SexSearch is an APPROVED & RECOMMENDED Cheating Site!

You can find anything you are looking for on Imagine your wildest fantasies – it just might come true here. You can get with a man, a woman, a couple, a gay couple, or (best of all) a lesbian couple. What guy hasn’t always dreamed of banging 2 hot chicks at once? Dating Features Review

There are plenty of features on that are major reasons why we love the site. It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here is our list of 3 favorite features:


Many online dating sites offer a similar feature, but’s might be the best. You can easily filter out women you’d never want to bang simply by entering specific search terms. This feature will make your life much easier!

Video Upload

Women tend to feel more comfortable if they’ve seen a guy online in a video. Well, that’s assuming he’s not acting like a jerkoff in the video. Build trust and strut your stuff by creating an online video that prospective booty calls can view.

Meet in Person

Afraid to ask a woman out on a date over a text message or IM? This is the perfect solution. Their “Meet in Person” feature allows you to send an invitation to…meet in person! Members Review

There are more than 4 million members on This number is continually rising. You will notice a wide range of ethnicities. The over 30 crowd far outweighs the rest, but it’s still a great site for those 18-30. Like any hookup site (or really, any dating site), there are quite a few more males than females. It’s estimated that 70% of the site is male. That is par for the course. Review – Who Is For is a great site for anyone that likes sex – married or not. It’s even better for someone that has a certain fantasy they could not find on another hookup site. If you’re over the age of 18 and want to get laid, this is one of the best sites to do that. There are married women, single women, lesbian couples, bi-sexual women, and virtually any other type of woman you could think of. Membership Pricing Review

Pricing for is very affordable compared to most hookup sites. It averages around $25 per month and there are 2 membership levels – Silver and Gold. Gold members are given greater access to the site and fees are a tad more.

What NOT To Do On

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making on

1. Not knowing what you’re looking for. If it’s too confusing to other members what you’re looking for, they won’t contact you.
2. Not signing-in daily and frequently update your profile. This will prevent you from staying at the top of search results.
3. Being a cheapskate. Pony up the cash for a Gold membership so you can take advantage of all the site features. Specific Advice For Success

You need to make it clear what you’re looking for. Do you want to bang a single woman, married woman, couple, lesbian couple, donkey? Whatever it is, state that clearly in your profile. This is not as straightforward of a hookup site as some of the others. It can be a bit confusing at times. Spend some time getting familiar with this site, create an awesome profile, and contact as many women as possible. Services & Support

Check out the following helpful links: Frequently Asked Questions Privacy Policy Review – Conclusion

You have as good of a chance of getting laid on this site as anywhere. Sure, there are some fatties and butterfaces on here, but overall, the women are very attractive. They aren’t as hot as women on, but they’re probably a close 2nd.